University Sports Movement

Luciano Rossi e lo Sport

FITAV’s first participation at a Universiad dates back to Bangkok 2007, contributing significantly to the success of the CUSI (Italian Sports University Center) expedition.

Starting from that year Italian teams have participated in all editions of Universiade (2011 Shenzhen (CHN), 2013 Kazan (RUS), 2015 Guangzhou (KOR), all featuring Shooting sports in the their programmes. Being shooting sports classified as optional discipline – in his capacity as FITAV President and ISSF Vice President, Mr. Rossi strived to ensure that Shooting sports could be included in the list of the compulsory sports.

Today there is a strong and tight collaboration with CUSI for the organization of the 2019 Universiade in Naples, an event which Mr. Rossi is significantly supporting at institutional level in his capacity as Member of the Italian Senate.

In order to facilitate the growth of the university sports movement, Rossi and FITAV have guaranteed CUSI a strong support by organizing national Criteriums and Championships and securing the participation of national teams of all shotgun disciplines at the World University Championships.