Special Elections ISSF 2018

Luciano Rossi, the President of success. His candidature video

We know publish the video which has concluded Luciano Rossi’s candidature speech on the occasion of the 68th General Assembly hel in Munich 2018. To watch the vido, please clik on the link below

Juntos somos fuertes : el programa electoral de Luciano Rossi

Luciano Rossi presenta su programa électoral

Together we are strong: Luciano Rossi’s Election Program

Luciano Rossi unveils his Election Program. Presidential candidate for the Future ISSF explains his personal vision for the new government body of shooting sports. Check it by clicking on the link below

CAS decision

We publish the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sports in which the Panel explains the reasons of it and reduces the suspension decided by the ISSF Ethic Committee for Luciano Rossi. We warmly suggest you to read it…

Luciano Rossi stands for ISSF Presidency

“In order to effectively contribute to achieve a development – encouraged by the many requests personally received – I hereby inform you that I decided to run for the position of ISSF President”. With this words Luciano Rossi announced his…

Rossi at the National Council of CONI

Last May 4 was an important day for the national sport. In the afternoon indeed, the National Council of CONI had his 259th meeting. After an informal meeting with all Federations Presidents, the works started in the Honor Hall with…