Military Sports Group

Luciano Rossi e lo Sport

All of Luciano Rossi’s intuition is the creation of the Shooting Sections within the sports groups of the various Italian Army.

Thanks to the recruitment in the reference corps and licensing with the military sports groups, top shooters were able to fully commit themselves to the practice of shooting, followed up by qualified coaches and financially supported for their sports activities.

To give a show of the top outcomes of such partnership with the military Sports Groups we can simply take a look at the composition of the FITAV team at last Olympics. In Rio 2016, 8 out of the 9 shooters selected for the Olympic Games were members of the “Fiamme Oro”, the Penitentiary Police, the Carabinieri, the Navy, the Forestry and the Army sports groups.

In London 2012 they were 8 out of 8, while in Beijing 2008 7 out of 8. Mr. Rossi has significantly contributed, as Senator of the Italian Republic and Member of the Defense Commission, to the Italian Fire Brigade for the creation of the Red Flame Sport Group.