Together for sports science

Signed the agreement between Fitav-Beretta and FMSI for the development of new protocols.

Olympic preparation, medical research and industry for the first time together to develop new models which can help athletes of Shotgun Shooting to train better, to win more and to raise levels of mental and physical well-being. A historical collaboration between the Italian Shooting Federation, the Italian Sports Medical Federation and the Beretta Firearms Factory has been presented during HIT SHOW 2018, with the presence of the Italian National Olympic champions, who will be the first protagonists of the new research project.

An important step suggested to provide the foundations for studying, developing and learning more about a discipline that condenses in a few tenths of a second the activation of muscle groups and sensorial experiences, difficult to be investigated and understood without the use of tools and specialized knowledge.

For Luciano Rossi, President of the Italian Shooting Federation, this is another success of Made in Italy. “I enthusiastically welcome – he underlines – this new initiative that shows FITAV, alongside Beretta and FMSI, demonstrating once again that the synergy between the parties is the way to pursue for developing our beloved sport. An all Italian project, destined to change the shotgun shooting. Bringing sports science in shotgun shooting means placing our sport to those standards where – by his inheritance and tradition – it belongs and bravely dare to claim”.

“The objectives of the project – explains Maurizio Casasco, President of the Italian Sports Medical Federation – are those to analyze sports performance, to identify the parameters and study the impact of nutritional habits”.

For Carlo Ferlito, General Manager of Beretta Firearms Factory, “The foundations for a new development of shotgun shooting have been laid. In Beretta, we believe that true innovation can no longer be limited to the work we already done on a daily basis to improve our products together with our champions. We want to go further and put the shooter-firearm system at the heart of research, in a holistic vision that considers all the interactions”.