Fitav Juridical Technical Committee (CTG) reunited in Rome

Rossi presents the new Working Group

The Fitav Juridical Technical Commission met in Rome last week. In the first meeting of the new year, Luciano Rossi presented the new Working Group that will support the CTG (Juridical Technical Committee) with reference to the territorial realities.

“The CTG has always been a flagship of Fitav – Rossi explained in his greeting – With its work it supported the life of our Clubs and will do even more in the future. In order to a greater incisiveness and capillarity of its action the Federal Council wanted to support the original structure with a working group consisting of four members “.

In addition to the Coordinator Stefano Rosi and the members Ivan Russo, Silvano Verdenelli, Gioacchino Pesce, Annunciato Maccini, Alberto Bastianelli and Daniele Salvatori, now the CTG can also count in the support guaranteed by Fabio Caporaletti, Antonio Carone, Michele Sollami and Dino Zanetti.

“They are all people who have an important experience in the world of shotgun shooting and I am sure they will be able to make a decisive contribution to the growth and development of our movement”, concluded Rossi.